January 21, 2022

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On a Typical Day in Fiscal Year 2020, CBP…
650,178 passengers and pedestrians
169,842 incoming international air passengers and crew
35,795 passengers and crew on arriving ship/boat
444,541 incoming land travelers
187,049 incoming privately owned vehicles
77,895 truck, rail, and sea containers
$6.64 billion worth of imported goods
90,000 entries of merchandise at our air, land, and sea ports of entry
$216 million in duties, taxes and other fees, including more than $204 million in duties
$216 million in duties, taxes and other fees, including more than $204 million in duties
1,107 apprehensions between U.S. ports of entry
39 arrests of wanted criminals at U.S. ports of entry
634 refusals of inadmissible persons at U.S. ports of entry
250 pests at U.S. ports of entry and 3,091 materials for quarantine: plant, meat, animal byproduct, and soil
3,677 pounds of drugs
$386,195 illicit currency seized
$3.6 million worth of products with Intellectual Property Rights violations
269 intercepted fraudulent documents
Employed 63,685 men and women including:
25,756 CBP officers
2,638 CBP Agriculture specialists
19,740 Border Patrol agents
621 Air Interdiction agents (pilots)
328 Marine Interdiction agents
338 Aviation Enforcement agents
1,033 trade personnel
More than 1,434 canine teams and 127 horse patrols
207 hours enforcement missions over the United States
Underway 74 float hours of enforcement missions in the United States
Conducted operations in:
106 countries with more than 697 CBP employees working internationally
328 ports of entry within 20 field offices
131 Border Patrol stations within 20 sectors, with 36 permanent checkpoints
74 Air and Marine Operations locations, including branches and units, National Air Security Operations Centers, and the Air and Marine Operations Center
(Based on FY 2020 data)

Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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